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Welcome to Versatile Zing, Nathalie Sorensson's designer boutique!

Nathalie is a French visual artist and designer who moved to Los Angeles over 20 years ago.

The name Versatile Zing came to her while she was trying to figure out one and unique direction to go in her life and business, as well as in her art, and it's when she realized that she loves diversity and to create different things all the time. As a multi-passionate individual, she decided to embrace that instead of trying to limit herself.

Versatile - having great diversity or variety.         

 Zing - an enjoyably exciting or stimulating quality

She wrote a blog post about following your passions that day, click here to read it.

Her wish is that her creations will bring joy, love and happiness in your life.

To start with, Versatile Zing is being launched with jewelry items being designed from Nathalie's original paintings.

Coming soon will be prints, clothing, and accessories. New products and collections will be added each week.

Some of Nathalie's original paintings can be seen by clicking here.


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