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Wear A Little Piece of Paris, The City of Love and Romance with our New Eiffel Tower Jewelry Line

Have you ever been to Paris? The city of love and romance?

Now you can vibrate this love by wearing some of the Versatile Zing jewelry line. Click here to see the Reaching For Love Collection.

"Reaching for Love" is the title of my 3rd painting in the Eiffel Tower series.

"Reaching For Love" features the Eiffel Tower, symbol of strength, love and culture. The reddish colors symbolize love. The tower is lonely in the middle of this desert land and crying for love, the love of the people. She is calling to people to love and connect again.

Here is a picture of the 16" x 20" original. It was bought in 2017 by a collector in Indiana.

This painting will be available in prints soon. If you can't find it in the store, send me a message!


I am releasing it on jewelry items and soon on other products as I just love it as well as many of you.

My French side is having fun right now working on this! 

Oui oui oui!

With Love,

Merci et au revoir,



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