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Bonjour! I am excited to open my new store, Versatile Zing!

It has been a while... I mean many years... probably several decades... that I wanted to open my store to share with you some of my art in a way that can bring joy to your daily life. Not only on walls! But on jewelry, bags, clothes, etc... I did it in the past on Fineartamerica, but with my own brand, it's a first!!!

I had this dream probably since I was about 20 years old. With nowadays technology, I was finally able to do this in a relatively easy way (compared to before when manufacturing only one item was a big deal). So I am happy that the internet caught up with my dreams!

I want to share joy, peace, love and art through this store, but also uniqueness, creation, passion, soul and happiness.

May you find prints and accessories that will brighten your life!

With love,

Nathalie Sorensson

This is the 1st item I uploaded! That was fun!


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